Ajutaţi nişte cîini (dogs need help)


Dogs need help from xsportmd on Vimeo.

In Moldova, the problem of stray dogs is very acute. Legislation doesn’t provide the necessary guaranties for their protection, authorities don’t provide shelters, treatment or vaccination. Stray animals are under the supervision of random people that don’t wish to stay ignorant.

At the initiative of animal lovers, there were organized several private shelters for stray animals. People collect small funds and provide food, treatment and accommodation for them.

In the video bellow, you can see Galina, she saved about 50 dogs and cats. Many of them were victims of inhumane treatment.

Galina organized a shelter in her own apartment, because the authorities didn’t want to offer her any kind of support and at least a territory for it.

Galina’s neighbors are always angry with her and want to sue her. The Court won’t allow to keep the animals in the private apartment. Galina is searching for a place to keep the dogs. Of course she doesn’t have funds for that. It would be great to find such a place. Please help us find a place for a SHELTER. Another solution is TO ADOPT these dogs and cats. They were saved by Galina and offered medical treatment. They can be adopted now.

Otherwise, all the animals will be killed by the authorities.

We tried to help Galina when she needed money to feed the animals. Unfortunately, we cannot help Galina to raise funds for a shelter.

THESE ANIMALS NEED THEIR OWN SHELTER. Please help us to create it! Please help us save the innocent lives of these abandoned animals!

Very soon the destiny of these poor animals will be decided. The authorities have already shown many times that they don’t mind killing animals. They already did it in a very cruel way!



  1. In SUA se arata mereu cazuri in care iubitorii de animale au cate 50 sau 100 de animale in casa. Asta e groaznic!
    A aduna animale cu sutele sau cu zecile duce la infestarea acelor apartamente si chiar la chinuirea animalelor. Galina respectiva trebuie sa fie somata sa cedeze cainii ca sa fie eutanasiati daca nu au stapan. Asa e civilizat.

    Those people who are bringing together hundreds of stray dogs or cats are both endangering their lives and the pets’ lives. This is a from of mental illness, and I can see on a daily basis how the problem is solved in the USA.

    The police that takes care of these dogs and cats comes to their homes and take the animals to a shelter, while giving the owners fines.

    Please don’t justify the animal collectors’ vices!