Lost in Moldova, ep. 2

Check settings for English & Romanian subtitles!!!
Subtitre în Română și Engleză disponibile în setările videoului !!!
Diego joins the Peace Corps to win back his ex-girlfriend. He imagines exotic locales, instead he finds himself „Lost in Moldova”. The story is loosely based on the experience of former Peace Corps volunteer – John E. Lewis.

Second episode: Will Diego survive the school year? It’s not clear as Diego’s first day at school goes from bad to worse, and he manages to alienate both his students and his new director. Awards & Official Festival Selections: What’s Next: Producer AWARD – Berlin WebFest, SEP 2020 Germany Serial Killer International Festival of TV & Web Series, SEP 2020 Czech Republic Seriencamp Festival, NOV 2020 Germany Sydney WebFest, DEC 2020 Australia
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