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Sală arhiplină la conferinţa despre feminism în arta modernă

Bucureşti, New Europe College. La prezentarea în engleză despre feminism în arta modernă şi contemporană din România sala NEC era neaîncăpătoare

Evenimentul se întitula: Feminity/ Feminism in Romanian Modern and Contemporary Art şi era prezentat astfel pe pagina de facebook:

To discuss about the feminine/feminist dimension in Romanian modern and contemporary art is a stringent requirement. It is a requirement because in Romania gender studies developed later and in a somehow mistrustful, even hostile context. It is equally stringent since it covers what Raluca Bibiri used to pertinently call a terra incognita in a political, social and cultural space which accepted belatedly and reticently the necessity of gender studies. On the other hand, these studies reconfigure and place in a different light the image of femininity in Romaniaʼs recent history. An added advantage could be the possibility to challenge certain clichés and prejudices related to womenʼs role in the socialist period, as well as after 1990: the feminine emancipation, women’s promotion in public space, the role and significance of the feminine dimension in autochthonous culture. Until recently, feminism has not benefitted from a discourse unaltered by a massive patriarchal irony.

Ruxandra DEMETRESCU: PhD, Professor of History and Theory of Art, Head of the Doctoral School, National University of Arts, Bucharest, Romania
Ruxandra Demetrescu, art historian, is professor of art history and theory at the Department of Dotoral Studies of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Romania, where she teaches art theory, museum studies and modern Romanian art. She was the Rector of the National University of Arts in Bucharest (2006–2012) and the first Director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Berlin, Germany (1999–2003). Her research focuses are the history of art theories in the German-speaking space (Konrad Fiedler, Alois Riegl, Aby Warburg, Walter Benjamin) and Romanian inter-war artistic modernity. She held the Arnheim Professur at the Humboldt University in the fall of 2012. She coordinated research projects (Lost Museams. Collectors and

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